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Resource Centre Drop-In

2023/03/21 10:00 - 12:00

Visit the Resource Centre to browse the Library, use the equipment (warping board, bobbin winder, fine drum carder, spinning wheels, floor loom…) and socialize!

The third Tuesday each month will be a Spinning Clinic. Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Please note that there is a flight of stairs to access this space, so it is not easily accessible.

Related upcoming events

  • 2023/03/23 - 2023/03/25 All day

    After a year of meeting at various venues around the city, the Guild is moving back to The Meeting House in Riverdale Farm! Starting in April we will hold our monthly meetings there, host weekly spinning drop-ins on Thursday afternoons (12:30 – 3 pm; come and spin, knit, or do other portable textile work), and have access to our stored print resources. This move will save us the considerable expense of renting space for our book carts, and will provide a stable, familiar, affordable, and welcoming venue for us to gather in person.

    We need help with the following:

    • Come to the Resource Centre and buy some of the books we are culling to make space on the book carts. Lovely books, low prices! Contact Miriam to arrange a time.
    • Check out books and magazines you have been thinking of borrowing—so that we don’t have to transport them—then return the items to the Farm before our summer break.
    • Help us pack! The books and magazines must be packed into tote bags (keeping them more or less together with their neighbours for easier sorting). If you can lend us some sturdy bags or help with the packing, contact Miriam to plan a time. (Label your bags and we will get them back to you.)
    • Drive the books etc. to the Farm. We may be able to bring our vehicles all the way to The Meeting House by special arrangement.
    • Borrow the Guild’s Ashford Traditional or Lendrum spinning wheel and house it for a while. If these aren’t borrowed, we will offer to lend them to the Farm, but again, the move would be easier without this.

    Please sign up by emailing us here and let us know how you can help. Thank you!

  • 2023/05/13 10:00 - 2023/05/13 16:00

    Peterborough Square

    Admission: $5

    Come and celebrate everything fibre with the Peterborough Weavers and Spinners Guild: Sheep to Shawl Demonstration; Make and Take area; fibre, yarn, and supplies; unique, handmade gifts; fibre courses…