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Member Resources

The Guild has an extensive collection resources: books, fibre periodicals and DVDs that are available for members to borrow. Books have a two month loan period, while DVDs and new magazines have a one month loan period. There is a small penalty fee for overdue items.

To view the current contents of the Guild’s resource collection click here: TGSW Library Catalogue.

In July, 2020, we acquired a copy of the publication Twills: Fabrics that Enhance Our Lives, created for Convergence ’86 . The booklet bears the inscription “Presented and woven by members of the Toronto Guild of Spinners and Weavers”. In 1986 Convergence was co-hosted by the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners and by the Ontario Crafts Council for the Handweavers Guild of America Inc. The original will be placed in the TGSW archives. It has been scanned and a printout will be placed in the Guild Resource Collection and will be available for borrowing – when we can eventually access our physical resource collection again! Guild members may request a pdf of the document.