Virtual Field Trip

2021/02/10 19:00 - 21:00

We usually take a field trip to the Textile Museum of Canada every winter. As we clearly can’t plan such an outing for this coming winter, we have arranged a virtual tour. TMC already offers a virtual tour of the Anna Torma exhibition.

Susan Fohr, director of TMC, wrote: “In September, TMC facilitated a series of public programs in conjunction with the exhibition called “The Slow Approach.” For the final week of the program, which focused on Slow Stitching, participants worked on their own hand-stitching projects, using textile fragments that had personal meaning to them. This activity was inspired by a series in the exhibition where Anna Torma has stitched textiles from her past onto a horizontal piece of hemp fabric as a kind of journal. Guild members may enjoy doing something similar during the tour, or afterwards in response to the work.”