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Show and Tell

  • October 2023: John Sproule

    John is a new member and brand new spinner with his first week’s hand spun wool. A medievalist, John also does naal binding

  • October 2023: Sarah Lawson

    Sarah showed an ikat weaving inspired by man-hole covers that is part of a series.

  • October 2023: Eli

    Eli spun some experimental yarn. One skein includes beads!

  • September 2023: Carolyn Franke

    Carolyn’s jacket project was part of the Noh Coat weaving challenge from ANWG, based on Bonnie Cashin’s Threads pattern (1990), and inspired by the colors of a Toronto sunrise. She wove a beautiful blanket of the same fiber. It (the coat) also has pockets!

  • September 2023: Naomi Johnson

    Naomi finished weaving a set of dishtowels that had been lingering on the loom, and they turned out well worth the wait.

  • September 2023: Cissy Yao
    Woman wearing glasses and a mask is proudly holding up a skein of cream colored yarn she spun and a small drawstring bag she sewed with thread she spun.

    Cissy shared yarn she spun from a fleece she got, as well as a bag she sewed using thread she spun herself. Not pictured is a skein of sunny yellow yarn she dyed with Goldenrod.

  • June 2023: Roslyn Darling at OHS

    Roslyn won three awards at the 2023 OHS: one for her handspun and knitted Hugs from my Friends shawl and two (Best Garment—Advanced category and the OHS Award for the best use of handspun yarn in a woven item) for a beautiful handwoven jacket made from handspun cotton and recycled down. Roslyn commented “I really appreciate our Guild’s support through the Bursary Award program that allowed me to develop my cotton and down blend yarns.”

  • June 2023: Heather Smyth at OHS

    Heather won several awards for her skeins, one for a cute daffodil brooch, and another for her adorable multicoloured fractal spin socks at the 2023 Ontario Handspinning Seminar.

  • April 2023: Mike’s Dealgan Spinning

    “Spinning in progress on the dealgan with one completed centre pull ball.” – Mike Mcleod

    Mike also shared some resources about spinning with this Scottish spindle type during the meeting and as followup links.

  • April 2023: Kavi Briede

    “Here’s my backstrap weaving process – from modelling a heddle in Rhino, then 3D printing it and then warping and weaving.” – Kavi

  • March 2023: Miriam Kaufman

    Following the theme of S and Z spun singles, Miriam sent along this photo of a scarf that she made recently. Her description included “…stretchy in the diagonal”!

  • Member Work: Joe Lewis

    Joe Lewis wove thrums and leftovers into a grid to decorate his denim jacket. Nice work, Joe!

  • March 2023: Joe Lewis

    Shared at the March 2023 Meeting: Joe wove a table runner using Z spun warp and S spun weft incorporating several weaving styles.