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Show and Tell

  • April 2023: Mike’s Dealgan Spinning

    “Spinning in progress on the dealgan with one completed centre pull ball.” – Mike Mcleod

    Mike also shared some resources about spinning with this Scottish spindle type during the meeting and as followup links.

  • April 2023: Kavi Briede

    “Here’s my backstrap weaving process – from modelling a heddle in Rhino, then 3D printing it and then warping and weaving.” – Kavi

  • March 2023: Miriam Kaufman

    Following the theme of S and Z spun singles, Miriam sent along this photo of a scarf that she made recently. Her description included “…stretchy in the diagonal”!

  • Member Work: Joe Lewis

    Joe Lewis wove thrums and leftovers into a grid to decorate his denim jacket. Nice work, Joe!

  • March 2023: Joe Lewis

    Shared at the March 2023 Meeting: Joe wove a table runner using Z spun warp and S spun weft incorporating several weaving styles.