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For Sale: 45″ Nilus Counterbalance Weaving Loom

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On sale at Facebook Marketplace.

45″ Nilus Counterbalance Weaving Loom – used good condition to sell


A newer design which overcomes the difficulty in getting a good shed sometimes found in the older Nilus Looms. The back hinge treadle option ensures even tension on all treadle cords with the treadles in both rest or depressed position. This popular jack loom has removable front and back beams and a friction brake.

 Comes with a bench, huge bin of thread, many books and magazines on weaving with looms, and a rack to hold all the spools. It is now taken apart and stored. I have the manual on assembling it.

Pickup in Bracebridge or flexible to make arrangements. Please get in touch through the Facebook link.