FOUND: Someone put a 1950s 45″ Nilus LeClerc loom out for garbage before Christmas and I couldn’t resist. I haven’t put it back together yet, but for sure it is missing the crank, a raddle and lease sticks. It has a 5 dent reed only. I’d like one or two other reeds. If you have an old LeClerc that is beyond rehabilitation and want to sell any of these bits and pieces, I would love to buy them! I can pick up in Toronto area. Contact Miriam.

WANTED (January 2022): 12 and 20 dent reeds for a 15.75 inch Leclerc Dorothy table loom. Also looking for old bamboo/wooden reeds of any width. Please Contact Preetam

WANTED (January 2022): I live in Novar, Ontario (about 15 minutes north of Huntsville) and I’m looking  for used, local(ish) equipment, in particular:

  • niddy noddy
  • ball winder
  • jumbo art flyer for a Kiwi 3 spinning wheel
  • extra bobbins for the Kiwi 3
  • lazy kate

I’ll drive the area from Muskoka to Toronto. Or pay for shipping. Call me, Casie, at 705 571 6600 or email.

WANTED (September 2021): I am looking for a used, 8 dent, 16 inch reed for my LeClerc Dorothy loom. Contact.

WANTED (May 2021): I am looking for a 90 inch floor loom. Contact.

WANTED (September 2020): An electric bobbin winder, perhaps Leclerc, Schacht, or AVL. Please contact Miriam H.

WANTED (September 2020): A used table loom, please contact Jacquie. She is new to weaving and looking for a used loom to purchase.

WANTED (September 2020): A set of used wool combs that clamp. Please Eileen know if you have a set you are looking to pass on. She lives outside Toronto.

WANTED (July 2020): Wool combs, table-mounted or hand-held. Preferably 2-pitch. Please contact Ginette .

WANTED (February 2020): An 8-shaft table loom. Please contact Jill Eason Jilleason123@gmail.com

WANTED (January 2020):  A used 8 dent reed, 38 to 45 inches wide. Please contact Joan Harris.

WANTED (August 2019): Looking for a 27 or 36″ 8 shaft jack floor loom or table loom. If you have one for sale contact Johana at  info@loomstudio.ca

WANTED (April 2019):  A used 8-harness 36 or 45” loom, front hinged treadles, in good to excellent condition. Contact Shirley Murphy by email (www.hummingbirdweavin.com) or at 613-504-2993.

WANTED (Jan.2019):  60″ gobelin loom to purchase used. Contact Gigi: Gervalia52@gmail.com

WANTED: 24″ Rigid Heddle Loom, folding would be a plus, with lots of accessories: extra reeds, shuttles, pick-up sticks, threading hooks, stand, etc. Even some material included would be a great. Preference for Ashford looms but others are good also. If you can help please contact Jim: walterpump@gmail.com

WANTED: Looking for a Salish loom for an upcoming 80th birthday. Do you know if there is a local source of a finished loom or the materials to make one?  If you can help please contact Janet: westernwilson@dccnet.com

WANTED: Bobbins for a Nilus Leclerc spinning wheel.  If you have some that you don”t need anymore, please contact Sharon: sharon.elisabeth@gmail.com

SOURCING QUERY:   A fourth year student in textiles at Sheridan College and is weaving a series of rugs and wall hangings with selvedge waste (similar to rag rugs) for her thesis project.  Do you know of  any mills who would be willing to donate their other wise “garbage” selvedges? She has connected with a mill in North Carolina who is willing to do so, but is interested in trying to stay more local. If you can help please contact Claire Dunlop: (416) 659-7052

TO BUY:   Used woven or braided style rugs. “I am looking to buy a large quantity of very well loved woven or braided rugs.  Sadly In September of 2016. My father was diagnosed with a very rare and very aggressive stage 4 cancer and we have found much comfort working together (when able to) to create what I am calling our garden of hope. It has given us many great memories and hopefully more to come!  We are looking to use these very well loved rugs as the base to our garden walkways and we have a very Large area to cover. If you have any rugs or can give me any leads, it would be greatly appreciated.”  If you can help please contact Karyn: whitskay@hotmail.com

TO BUY:  In search of a table loom.  If you can help please contact Emily Neill: emilynicoleneill@gmail.co

WEAVING INSTRUCTORS NEEDED: Eweknit in Toronto are looking for additional teachers to teach: (1) tapestry weaving, (2) rigid heddle loom weaving, and (3) floor loom weaving workshops. Email with a sample of your work if interested, or to ask for more information: info@eweknit.ca