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SOLD: Several pairs of hand carders for combing wool prior to spinning available. $50 for a pair, including shipping in Ontario. Contact Larry.

SOLD:  Louet kombo 40 4+4 table top loom that I am not able to use. I would like to sell it and can arrange to deliver it in the GTA at a nominal cost. Pictures attached with more available on request. Price negotiable. I also have a second table top loom of unknown make. I can provide pictures if you are interested. Price negotiable. Please contact Larry.

January 2023

SOLD:Masterweaver Model MW II Serial # 26085

Asking $100.00 or best offer. Pick up in Bowmanville. Please email Kim for more information or to arrange a purchase.

SOLD: 45 inch Leclerc Mira 4-Shaft Counterbalance Loom. Included are 8, 10 and 15 dent reeds and lease sticks as well as a weaver’s bench with under-seat storage and open side storage bins. It is being sold to reclaim the floor space in the living room. This loom will be dismantled after it has been viewed and sold; for the purpose of transporting to its new home. If you do not have a suitable vehicle for this purpose, my husband will deliver it to your curb/garage for free if you live within 10 to 20 kms. If you live far away you can pay for the gas and he’ll drop it off. Asking $600.00. Contact Lisa. 

December 2022

SOLD: Small 4 shaft weaving loom with 4 treadles, Texsolv heddles, boat shuttle, what I believe is a 12 dent reed, lease sticks, heavyweight Kraft paper to size, some extras like bungee cords to keep it folded. Weaving width 19″. It would make an excellent beginner’s loom. Folds with warp on to take wherever. Fits in most cars. Pickup only in Waterloo, Ontario. Asking $400. Contact Anne.

SOLD: 27″ Ashford knitter’s (rigid heddle) loom with stand, 5 heddles (2 x1 2..5 for double heddle use), warping peg, 2 clamps, 2 Kromski pickup sticks, carrying bag. $300 OBO. Pick up from west side of Toronto. Contact Meejum.  

SOLD: Penelope Loom in excellent condition. Asking $200. Contact Michele.

November 2022

SOLD: Varpaloom Rita loom in mint condition: loom width 117 cm; weaving width 70 cm; 6 treadles/4 shaft. Includes loom bench (adjustable height), manual bobbin winder, shuttles, bobbins, metal temples, warping board, Poppana weaving yarns, etc. Asking $950. Leaside area, Toronto. Pick up only. Sinikka.

October 2022

SOLD: Majacraft Suzie spinning wheel. $995 OBO. In North Toronto. Call  Sandy.

SOLD: 45 inch Leclerc Counter Balance Loom purchased in the mid 1970s and used for a few years. All pieces should be there as it was assembled a number of years ago and then taken apart as the space was needed. Will need a new apron. Price includes the loom, Leclerc loom bench, some weaving books, and some leftover yarn. $600 for all of it. Contact Terry.


Contact Hetty.

August 2022

SOLD: Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel (double drive, Scotch tension, and bobbin lead modes of operation); 19.5″ drive wheel; 4 bobbins; fast and medium speed whorl; threading hook, tensioned Lazy Kate, and carrying strap; dimensions  20″ W x 34″ H x 15″ D. Pick up only in Thornhill. We are asking $1,000. If anyone one wants to have a look at it, please email Pat.

SOLD: Nilus Leclerc 36″ Fanny 4-harness loom; steel heddles & 2 reeds. $350, open to offers. Pick up only. If interested email George.

SOLD:  Nilus Leclerc 4 Harness loom and warping mill:  6 treadles; accessories included. No bench. $400.00 or best offer. Location: London, Ontario. Email.

SOLD: Leclerc 27 inch counterbalance 4 shaft loom, 15 dent reed, lease sticks, 2 shuttles, sleying hook, 450 heddles, crank, bench with 3 storage sections. Asking $450. Books and yarns can be found on Kijiji Hamilton. Located in Burlington. Contact Margaret. 

July 2022

SOLD: Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners is selling a Lervad 8-shaft countermarche loom with an overhead beater, built-in raddle (in centimetres), and attached bench.  Weaving width 45″ (or possibly more). Texsolve heddles.  The warping board frame shown  is not included. Asking $800. Contact the Kingston guild.

June 2022

SOLDLoom: I think it’s late 1890s or early 1900s (???) and I know it’s from Quebec. It was used as a display piece in a linen studio. We only have pictures with linen draped over it but it is similar to the Nilus 60 loom pictured below. It is currently dismantled. I have 2 identical pieces (I believe they are the sides) and they measure 56″, and the long (heavy) piece that runs across the width (it’s covered in material and has 8 sides) end to end measures 46″. I truly believe it is in working condition but I have never used it. It could come with a money back stipulation if not in working condition. Contact Mary for more information.

SOLD: Leclerc Mira, 4-shaft counterbalance 45” floor loom. Great shape. Original bench with lift top. Large number of extra heddles. Warping frame. Asking $350, will consider all offers. Located in Norfolk County. Email Kelly.

April 2022

SOLD: Nilus Leclerc 60 inch, 4 harness, 6 treadle Jack loom in excellent condition. Extras include: bench, 4 reeds (8 dent, 10 dent, 12 dent, 16 dent), original book, crank and assembly hardware, 60 inch raddle, >1000 extra heddles, 3 warp sticks, a new maple top beam, and sizeable stash of wool and wool/yarn mix on spools. Reduced from $2400 to $1800. Pick up from Prince Edward County, near Bloomfield. If interested contact Susan.

NO LONGER FOR SALE: My Finlandia Countermarch loom by Varpapuu Ky, Finland, 120 cm (47 inches) is still for sale. Worm gear, 4 harness, bench, shuttles, 10 inch reed. It is in excellent condition! I have now lowered the price (from $2500) to $1500. Pickup  in Sunderland, Ontario.  email Pia.

February 2022

SOLD at reduced price: 45″ Fanny Loom. From the early 80’s. Only used for a short period of time. It has been carefully stored. Includes lease sticks, bobbin winder, shuttles, bobbins and instruction books. $700 $350 obo. Pick up from Main and Gerrard area in Toronto. Please email Mary Anne if you are interested. 

SOLD:  60” 8 shaft LeClerc Nilart Jack loom in good condition.  Included are a bench, lease sticks, four reeds, and extra heddles, as well as an extra sectional beam, tension box, warp counter, and dividers for sectional warping.  $1850.  Contact Linda.

January 2022

SOLD: 4- shaft Dorothy table loom that needs to go somewhere it will be loved. A more experienced weaver than I borrowed it recently, and made sure it works, but I know little more than that. It’s in Toronto. $200 OBO. Contact Keri.

December 2021

SOLD: Pipy (Tekoteko) Saxony Spinning Wheel, made in New Zealand. Drive wheel: 16” diameter, single treadle; 1 (or 3) bobbins.  See  October 15, 2019. There is a bobbin on the flyer but it is very hard to remove. There are two more bobbins that might or might not work on this wheel. Disassembles easily for shipping. Asking $300 $200 for pickup (Riverdale, Toronto) or $400 $300 shipped anywhere in Canada. Contact Julia.

SOLD: VINTAGE  LECLERC JANO LOOM with 2 new reeds, made between 1937 and 1950. It is the predecessor of the Nilus Leclerc “Dorothy” loom : 20″ weaving width; metal side levers; 4 shafts. The apron on the cloth beam has been replaced. Included are two new custom-made reeds (5 dent and 10 dent) as well as the original 20 dent reed. The loom is in working order. The removable crank handle is missing. $150. 

SOLD: 45” NILUS LECLERC FANNY Counterbalance LOOM in good condition with original instructions for assembly plus some other publications pertaining to this loom.  We have removed the cloth beam for storage and easier moving but it is easy to put back.  Also included are lease sticks, metal rods, and boat shuttle.  $450.00. Contact Cordelia.

SOLD: Leclerc Fanny 45″ 4-shaft floor loom. I am upgrading to an 8-shaft loom. I bought the Fanny loom from the original owner. I replaced the aprons, rods, warping rods and counterbalance parts and have woven on it quite happily for the last 3 years. It comes with its bench, a size 12 reed, a paddle, and a selection of boat shuttles. I have the instruction leaflets and have dissembled and reassembled it many times to move it around the house. I will dissemble it for transportation. Must be picked up – I am in the west end of Toronto. Asking $500 OBO. Interested buyers should email Katherine.

SOLD: Lendrum Double Treadle Spinning Wheel. The wheel folds almost flat, for easy transport. Relatively light, around 14 lb. Easy-to-use Scotch Tension setup. This wheel includes: Tensioned Lazy Kate; Regular bobbins; Threading Hook; Plying Head with Plying Bobbin and Plying Drive Band (a “jumbo” setup for plying two bobbins of singles, or for spinning thicker yarns and art yarns). Regular flyer ratios are 5:1, 7:1, 9:1. Fast Flyer (great for shorter fibres or lace-weight yarns) ratios are 12:1, 15:1, 17:1. Excellent used condition from a smoke-free home. Pick up Danforth/Woobine Area M4C4B2. Asking $1000. Email Justine.

November 2021

SOLD: My mother is selling a LeClerc Mira 11 45″ loom, 4 shaft, counter balanced, sectional beam. Located in Tillsonburg. Pick-up only. $700 includes loom and many tools and accessories. Contact Charles.

SOLD: Dorothy table loom, 15 3/4″ wide, 4 shaft plus two more reeds. $115. Located in Tillsonburg. Pick-up only. Contact Charles.

SOLD: In very good condition 27″ LeClerc Fanny Loom . 4 heddles, 6 peddles, bench ,large boxes of yarn and warp thread, winder, magazines, shuttles; everything you may need . The Fanny loom has a retractable back section that means you can store it in a narrower space if need be. Pick up only from Niagara Falls; no delivery. $1000 (cash; no cheques) or best offer. Contact David.

SOLD: 45″ counerbalance LeClerc loom in very good condition. Many accessories including bench, shuttles, bobbin winder, warping pegs. Can be disassembled for garage pickup. Scarborough location. $800. Email Lynn.

SOLD: Fanny loom of indeterminate age. It was purchased from a lady who retired from weaving about fifteen years ago. My mother helped me “thread” it, but it was never used beyond experimenting once it was set up. Comes with shuttles, bobbins, some cones of yarn, tension box, etc. Loom (and anything else you want from the items shown): $250. Located in Uxbridge. Contact Phyllis.

SOLD: Rag cutter, barely used: $100. Located in Uxbridge. Contact Phyllis.

SOLD: Ashford Table Loom with stand and treadles – like new; used for just 2 weaving projects.

4 shafts, 32″ weaving width

folds flat for easy transport/travel

Ashford reed: 10 dpi, 32″, Swedish stainless steel

Texsolv heddles – hundreds

extras: Ashford 6 dpi reed, 32″, Swedish stainless steel

Ashford table loom stand, 32″

Ashford table loom treadle kit

Package would be over $2000 if purchased new. We can arrange a viewing outside if requested. $850 Contact Hans.

October 2021

REHOMED: Leclerc Loom.  We have this in storage for about 20 years and need the space. I can deliver it somewhere or it can be picked up, just looking for a home for it not any money.

SOLD: Louet Megado 70 16 H loom for sale in Midland ON. Sectional warp beam, bench,8, 10, 12 &15 dent reeds, extra lighting for threading, temple, maple and walnut small shuttles included. AVL ( original version) included with loom.
Asking $11,000.  Please contact Mary.

SOLD: Loom, books, magazines and other items.  Located in Scarborough.  Please contact Jan.  Items available:

– 22″ workshop loom (on wheels) with bench    $300
– 16″ Dorothy Loom with 4 reeds                          $200
– books/ magazines 
– bobbin winder…..$15
– electric bobbin winder ……$25
– wool winder….$10
– swift…..$10
– warping board …$20
– warping mill (revolving)….$75

August 2021

SOLD: Loom with accessories, book, and yarns. Located in Oakville. Asking $400. For more information, email Gail.

SOLD: 45″ Nilus Leclerc 4 shaft loom with accessories. Located in Toronto. $700 firm. Price reduced to $500! Cash only. Contact April.

SOLD: 4 Harness 36″ Leclerc Artisat Jack loom, very good condition, 2 shuttles, one reed, extra heddles  $600.  In Toronto. Contact Eve.

SOLD: Used, good condition Nilus Leclerc Floor Loom for sale in Toronto; 36″ 4 shaft jack version. Accessories including the upgraded open-ended loom bench, extra boat shuttles, reeds of different sizes, spare heddles, bobbins, and more. The set-up currently retails for $4000+ plus tax. I am looking to send it to a good home at a fraction of the cost, serious offers only, please. Please contact Sylvia.

SOLD: LeClerc 45” Mira II counterbalance loom with bench. This 4-shaft loom needs some housecleaning. It comes with three reeds and one boat shuttle. From the estate of Rosemarie Anich-Erickson, this loom is located in Guelph. Price is a charitable donation. For further details, please contact Rebecca.

SOLD: For sale: LeClerc manual bobbin winder. Current retail price $135 CDN. Asking $ 50. Located in Guelph. Contact Rebecca.

June 2021

SOLD: Ouellet Family hand crafted Spinning wheel $100 in Toronto. Email to Laurie or text 416.465.2424.

SOLD: Puritan Rug hooking stretcher $150 in Toronto. Email to Laurie.

SOLD: Lovely, comfortable Schacht loom bench in great condition. The bench seat height is adjustable from 19″ to 24″ and can be set up in a flat or slanted position. A storage bin below the seat holds accessories. Would cost $625.00 new; asking $100.00. Contact Carolyn.

SOLD: 4 harness LeClerc 36” Artisat Loom, in very good condition.  Comes with one reed and lots of extra heddles and shuttles. Asking $250. Pick up in Barry’s Bay, Ontario.  Contact Shirley.

May 2021

SOLD: Antique spinning wheel, possibly German, for sale. $75. Complete except for distaff. Pegged construction.  Treadle located on the right. Unfinished wood. More images and information available from Barbara. The wheel is in Guelph, Ontario.

SOLD: Vintage Nilus Leclerc Warping Board in excellent condition. 37.25” x 20.75” with 5.5” pegs. Can weave warps up to 14 yards. Asking $75. Pick up only from Oshawa. Cash or e-transfer. Contact Annie.

SOLD: Leclerc Artisat 36″ jack loom and Bench. When folded up, loom measures 42″ wide by 14″ deep. Includes raddle, 2 reeds, 4 boat shuttles, Hook, Lease sticks, Leclerc book Warp & Weave plus original assembly instructions. Located in Toronto. Asking $700. Contact Carol.

March 2021

SOLD: Swedish style loom – 60″ weaving width, 8-shaft, Horizontal countermarche. 

Includes 15-dent reed, pair of lease sticks, shaft cradles & pins. It has texsolv heddles & an overhead beater. This loom was made by an Amish carpenter in 1977. I am the 4th owner. It has had considerable upgrades over the past few years, and is now in good weaving order. It has new treadles, upper and lower lamms and jacks. All cording is new, and texsolv has been used in places where it makes adjustments easier. The treadle tie-up system for a countermarche loom can often be a struggle, but the set up used on this loom makes it easy. A flip-up bench has been added across the back of the loom, to use while doing the tie-up and threading heddles. Asking $1800. Please email Hilary for additional photos and information.

February 2021

TAKEN:  Handmade Loom,  approximately 5′ X 6′ when assembled.  

December 2020

SOLD: 45” LeClerc counterbalance loom – in good condition. Accessories included: 2 shuttles; 2 reeds; Bobbin winder; Wool winder; Many heddles; 30 bobbins;  Comb; Hook; Some wool and cotton; Book – New Key to Weaving; LeClerc book –Warp and Weave
Price $700 or best offer.  Pick up only in Toronto. 

November 2020

SOLD: Colonial V2 Jack Loom.  Purchased new. Fully assembled. Used only twice. Mint condition. Eight shafts on a 12 shaft frame. Four more shafts can be easily added. Overhead and regular beaters. Includes two reeds, raddle,  texsolv heddles, and older LeClerc bench. Could easily be moved without dismantling in truck bed. Retailed at $8,400 including tax; asking $5,000.  

October 2020

SOLD: 36″ Leclerc Fanny (Folding) Counter Balance Floor Loom with Stool.  Good working order.  Specs: Width 55″; Height 52″; Depth 25″ (folded), 36.5″ (open).  Included with loom: Warp crank handle; 1 set of lease sticks; extra metal heddles; 2 emergency replacement heddles; 3 extra treadle hooks; tightening screwdriver; 2 threading hooks; harnesses (27″ wide); 2 reeds (36″ wide); 6 treadles.  $350. Located in Barrie for pickup only.

SOLD: 45” Leclerc Fanny counter-balance 4-shaft floor loom needing some TLC. It is partly dismantled and has not been used for a number of years. Moving so must sell. Comes with all working parts including 3 reeds, shuttles, bobbins, lease/warp sticks, skein winder. Located in Brantford – would need to be picked up. $200 or would consider donation for worthy educational purposes. Contact Rosie.

SOLD: Weaving books and old good condition issues of Handwoven magazine. Book titles include New Key to Weaving, The Techniques of Rug Weaving, A Handweaver’s Pattern Book, Weaving You Can Wear and 6 others. 17 issues of Handwoven from the 80’s. $50 for the collection. 

SOLD: Large selection of 2-ply wool weaving yarn about 100g per skein/ball, various colours and quantities; originally purchased to make blankets. As few as 1 skein of a colour and up to 20 of some colours. Always stored indoors at room temperature. Price negotiable – needs to go. 

SOLD: Large selection of other yarns, limited colours in cotton, 2/12 wool, variety of novelty yarns including boucle style, mohair style, some unknown fibre content. Negotiable price – add to your stash – can provide some pictures and list. 

September 2020

SOLD:  Leclerc  “Medico S-22-4″ Table Loom with 6 treadle stand. 4 Harness, 22″ max weaving width (27” frame overall). Collapsible.  Stand can be adjusted in height/horizontal angle. Very clean, excellent condition with a few accessories.  $300. Pick up only in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. 

SOLD: 16 shaft, 48” AVL PDL loom, mechanical dobby, double fly shuttle with two shuttles and pirns, regular and 1 yard sectional beam, tension box with track, raddle, and 2000 texsolv heddles. Price $3800. Pick up in Hamilton. Contact Inga.

SOLD: Lucille Crichton’s 16 shaft, 48” AVL # 471 loom, which she bought around 1985. It’s well-loved but not in perfect condition and may need a few new screws. Located in the Beach area of Toronto. 

SOLD: 60” 24 shaft AVL loom with compuDobby2. Located near Shuswap Lake, BC, and already partially disassembled. The asking price is $10,000 but the seller is open to offers. Serious inquirers contact Marta.

August 2020

Taken: A variety of wooden weaving tools and cones of yarn. Details below. Located south of Sheppard, west of Yonge  and north of the 401. If you are interested, contact Miriam H.

SOLD: A weaving package including Leclerc Nilus 60” 4-harness jack loom in excellent condition. The loom is equipped with a Leclerc sectional beam (removable) with 1” sections and beam extensions. Also 60” 10-dent Reed, two 60” lease sticks, Leclerc Flying Shuttle for the 60” loom along with two end-feed shuttles and 2 wooden pirns, Leclerc weaving bench, and Leclerc spool rack with 40 spools. Located between Kingston and Napanee. Asking price for package: $2300. Contact Shirley.

July 2020

SOLD: Nilus Leclerc 45” Counterbalance 4 Shaft Loom, Reeds – 5, 8, 12 & 14 Dent, Leash sticks, Raddle, Bobbins, Shuttles – boat & flat, Cone Holders, Warping Mill & Warping Board; includes Handwoven magazines and some yarns and books. $400 or best offer. 

SOLD: Inkle Loom  $20. 

SOLD: Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel; Lazy Kate, 4 Bobbins, Niddy Noddy, Skein Winder; Assorted Drop Spindles. $250 or best offer. 

SOLD: Assorted Yarns on Cones & in Balls – Mainly Wool, some handspun.

REHOMED:  A lot of weaving cottons (100lbs or so) and a LeClerc floor warping mill free for pickup. Also some misc other supplies. Contact Noah.

SOLD: 27″ Leclerc Fanny 4 shaft loom in working condition, with weaving bench and two fairly new reeds. I originally purchased it in April 2019, took it apart and refurbished it, replaced the aprons, replaced the bench bottom with wood, and purchased new stainless steel reeds (12 dent and 10 dent.)  I can disassemble it or leave it assembled, and I’m happy to deliver it within a reasonable distance, or arrange for curbside pickup. It’s currently located in Thornhill, just north of Toronto. $790 or best offer. 

February 2020

Sold: 45″ Nilus Leclerc Loom

Great working condition. I inherited this from my late grandmother, learned to used it and recently made a few pieces, but it is time to pass it on.

Includes bench, warping board, various rigid reeds, boat shuttles, bobbins, spare wire heddles, two reed/heddle hooks and more.

Asking $1750 OBO. Available in the Ajax area.

SOLD: Ashford jack floor loom, 38″ weaving width. Built in raddle, 1200 Texsolv heddles. Comes with original 12-dent stainless steel reed, lease sticks, shuttle, threading and slaying hook. Easy to tie up, easy to treadle. In excellent condition. Bought new year and a half ago, but used only a couple of months (broke my ankle). Paid $4140. Selling for $3500. Contact inga.

SOLD: Leclerc 36″ open ends bench hardly used $150. 

November 2019

For Sale: Matchless Schacht  complete 2013 special Cherry 70th birthday edition. Never used! Wheel with 9 ratio whorls and lazy kate, 4 bobbins. Price paid $1700. Asking $1400. Purchaser pickup Haliburton village. Contact Deb 1-705-457-8601

SOLD: Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. Specs: 18” drive wheel, double drive, single treadle, tilt-head tensioning; 4 bobbins & lazy kate. This wheel has been well used but is in good condition and is fully functioning. Price new: $799 CAD + HST. Asking price: $200. Location: Riverdale, Toronto. For more information, contact Julia.

SOLD: Carson Cooper – Irish Castle Wheel. Specs: 16” diameter drive wheel, double drive, single treadle; 3 bobbins and extra flyer whorls. This unique, custom-built wheel is unlike any other! It is tall and heavy, but beautifully made and fully functional. Price new: $3,800 USD. Asking price: $1500 or best offer. Location: Riverdale, Toronto. For more information, contact Julia.

SOLD: Lendrum Double Treadle spinning wheel. Folds flat, Scotch tension, regular flyer ratios of 6:1, 8:1 and 10:1; 4 bobbins. This wheel has been used for one workshop, so is virtually brand new. It is still in its box and could be shipped at purchaser’s expense. Price new: $630 CAD + HST. Asking price: $600. Location: Riverdale, Toronto. For more information, contact Julia.

SOLD: Louet S90 spinning wheel. This wheel has never been out of the box: it is brand new. Likely manufactured in 2012, Louet stopped making them because – apparently – the curved wooden pieces were difficult to manufacture. However, new bobbins are still available. Price new: $945 + HST CAD. Asking price: $850. This wheel is still in its box, so could be shipped at purchaser’s expense. Location: Riverdale, Toronto. For more information, contact Julia.

SOLD: Watson Wheels – Martha spinning wheel. Specs: A production model with two 13″ wheels and a double treadle, double drive. Although compact, it is as fast as one 34″ wheel. 24″ x 16″ x 29″ high. Orifice height 25″; double drive; 3 bobbins. This wheel is barely used and in excellent working order. It can spin extremely fast! Price new: $2500 USD. Asking price: $2000 or best offer. Location: Riverdale, Toronto. For more information, contact Julia.

September 2019

SOLD: Lendrum single treadle spinning wheel for sale. Comes with a jumbo flyer and 3 bobbins. Well maintained – e.g. new footman and driveband in 2019. $400 O.B.O. Contact Sarah 416-778-8932.

June 2019

SOLD: 45″ wide 8 shaft leclerc jack floor loom

In great condition, used without issues, needs new aprons but everything is functional. This is for the loom, a Shuttle, some bobbins and a reed. Asking for 1800$ OBO pick up only in Toronto 163 Sterling Rd

SOLD: 45″ wide 4 shaft leclerc counterbalance floor loom

Works perfect, needs new aprons and comes as is with no accessories. Asking for 500$ OBO pick up only in Bolton 10 Silvermoon avenue

April 2019

SOLD:  45″ Leclerc Fanny Loom: 4 Harnesses and 6 Treadles; also 5 reeds (6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″) and extra heddles. This loom has lived in an upstairs studio and is in excellent condition. Price $650.00. Will also include bobbin winder, raddle, 5 boat shuttles, temple, some weaving books, and weaving yarn if wanted.

SOLD: 38″ Maple Weaving Bench for a Fanny Loom (see above).  

SOLD:16-harness loom, spool rack, and full-sized warping mill.  The detailed photo shows just six harnesses tied up out of a total of sixteen. 

January 2019

SOLD: Leclerc Dorothy table loom in good working condition with a lot of accessories. Located in Lowbanks close to Dunnville. Could be delivered for gas money. $300 OBO. Contact Erik and Peta Kjaer:

SOLD:  Ashford “style” spinning wheel for sale. Good beginner wheel.
$175.00 or BO. Located in Toronto

SOLD: 54″x30″ leclerc warping board new with no pegs (lost in a move) $100. Floor loom reeds: Long are 45″ 12epi 2x and one 15epi, Short is 36″ 30epi $50 each. Need a bit of cleaning. Rigid heddle Reeds available with loom or alone, 3x 10epi, 2x 8epi, 1x 12epi, 2x 12.5epi, 1x 5epi. Each reed $30. Pick up at 163 Sterling Rd Toronto. Contact

July 2018

SOLD: 60″ Tissart Tapestry Loom. 2 Harnesses and 2 Treadles. Also included – 10″ reed,  12″ reed,  2 boat shuttles and a bobbin winder, reed and heddle hook, extra heddles and a floor standing Warping Mill, a couple of weaving books and some yarn. Excellent condition, has been stored in an upstairs studio, $600.00. Located in Peterborough. If interested contact Bev

SOLD:  Leclerc 15 ¾” Dorothy 4 shaft table loom in great condition. Includes: #12 reed,  heddle & reed hook,  2 lease sticks, 2 beam sticks with cords,  2 boat shuttles, Book-Warp and Weave. Asking $175. Located in Peterborough. If interested contact Bev. Leclerc Dorothy 15″ Table Loom

June 2018:

SOLD: Nilus Leclerc 5 foot floor loom. 4 harnesses, 6 treadles. Also comes with 4 45″ reeds, 3 shuttles, 12 bobbins and two books (‘The Key to Weaving’ by Mary Black and the other is ‘A Handweaver’s Pattern Book’ by Marguerite Davison). Purchased from Nilus Leclerc   from Quebec in 1972. Last used it was in good working condition but has been in a basement for the last twenty years. Needs some TLC with some oil for the wires. Some of the heddles are rusty, but there is a strip of replacement heddles in excellent condition. Asking $500 or best offer. Pick up near Yonge and Eglinton.If interested contact Anne before mid August.

SOLD: Dorothy Voyageur 8 shaft loom in excellent condition. Extra reeds, shuttles and miscellaneous weaving materials. $500.00. If interested please contact Marion.

January 2018:

SOLD: 27” Nilus Leclerc Jack Floor Loom that folds; 4 shafts; 6 treddles; complete with all its parts and new aprons. Two boat shuttles, 30 plastic bobbins for shuttles, 6 extra hooks for treddles, 3 wooden lease sticks and 2 metal ones, lots of cords and two big rolls of paper for the beams. All in mint condition. Asking $950 for everything. The intention is to replace it with a Dorothy Leclerc table loom -do you have one in the same good condition and would like to trade one for the other? If interested please contact Juanita: Nilus Leclerc 27″ Floor Loom Nilus Leclerc 27″ Floor Loom Nilus Leclerc 27″ Floor Loom Loom Accessories Loom Accessories

March 2017

SOLD: Brand new (bought last year) 15″ flip rigid heddle loom made by Schacht with accessories, two rigid heddles (a 5 dent and an 8 dent), and a book ‘Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom’ by Syne Mitchell. $150. Located in the Square One area of Mississauga. If interested contact Shirley Turvey: